Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft whose middle name is Rachael was born on the 24th of August in 1984 to Moscow-born parents. Her love for nature led her to a career in meteorology. She is not just a meteorologist but she is a weather anchor, reporter, journalist, news editor as well as a director. She has worked in various organizations since youth and is currently the Chief Meteorologist for KTLA. Taft was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and is Jewish. She has lived in various places in Europe and can therefore speak several languages.

Since her parents are Russian, her first language was Russian and then she learnt English. She can also speak Hebrew and French. She has lived in Both London and Southern France. Additionally, she has spent a lot of time in Israel as well hence learning Hebrew. Taft lived in all these locations when she was much younger. This also sparked her love for travel and she has since traversed the globe for adventure as well as work. Taft went to school in Atherton but later went to college in Annenberg to study journalism at the University of Southern California..


In college, she was drawn towards meteorology and this led to her news casting weather in the area. At the end of her studies, she had bagged degrees in broadcast journalism as well as in political science. She had started working pretty early at a local media centre in her teenage years. This molded her to becoming a skillful young lady who was well versed in this regard. Apart from hosting weather shows, she landed on a travel and entertainment show when she was barely sixteen and this played a big role in preparing her for future roles.

To qualify in meteorology, Evelyn Taft joined Mississippi State University and attained her certificate in this regard. She is a member of the weather association and with this respect; she holds a seal of approval from the national association. She is best remembered for her front line role in covering some of the worst forest fires in Santa Barbara. Additionally, she has worked with numerous stations before landing on her current job.

Taft has renewed her love for travelling and adventure. In light of this, she has traversed Europe and Asia. She has visited central and South America as well. Some of the most memorable experiences for her are climbing Machu Picchu in Peru. It is worth noting that she trekked through Europe. Her favorite place to spend time is Israel and many times, she travels there to reflect together with her family. She is an avid reader and will always have a book during her pass times. Other things she does are sailing. She can also be spotted at gourmet food trucks in Los Angeles. Taft also spends quality time with her family whenever she has free time. This youthful enthusiastic meteorologist and journalist is definitely going places. In 2011, Taft married boyfriend Ross Resnick.

Evelyn Taft Age?

Evelyn Rachel Taft was born August 24, 1984

Is Evelyn Taft Married?

Yes, Evelyn married Ross Resnick July 301, 2011

How Tall is Evelyn?

Popular question but unfortunately the answer is not readily available.


Body measurements not found in any of her personal sites